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Wildkraut- Barcelona 2022 / SOHO radio - London 2022 / Ferro Clube - Porto 2022 / Lusophonica -Lisboa 2022 / bar BONOBO @ Shibuya JAPAN / Sonar @ São Paulo / Azulik Beach Club @ TULUM / KIKI Club @ TULUM / Chill-out istanbul @ Turkey / DOMMUNE @ Tokyo JAPAN / BEATWISE @ SP / Casa Jaguar @ TULUM / Sonar @ Barcelona 2012 / Octave/Ultravibe @ Japan / Frue Festival @ JAPAN 2017 / Be Tulum @ 12 01 2018 / Kaan Tulum @ 20 04 2019 / BOMBAclub @ Krakóvia / sounds in da city @ Floripa / PlacZabaw @ Varsóvia / UNIT @ Tokyo JAPAN / Fusion Festival @ Germany / Norte Sonoro @ Tijuana MX / MAXA camp @ TULUM / Universo Paralelo @ Bahia / VOODOOHOP @ Heliodora / Novas Frequências @ Rio / FULL MOON nomade Tulum @ Mexico / Ressonar @ Bahia / Trackers @ Sao paulo / Calefação Tropicaos @ SP / DESMONTA @ SP / SOUKMACHINES @ Paris / RedBull Bass Camp @ SP / Eletronika @ BH / skol beats @ SP / GRUTA @ Rio /

Since 2000, it has been a live performance music project, composing and remixing multicultural sounds.
donwtempo 90s, psychedelic, electroacoustic experimental concepts and especially techno.
ghost creator,local musicians collaborations,
live performance mainly under collective voodoohop showcases.
NFT digital collectibles, soundtracks collaborations and advertising multimedia.
Recently,appearing eventually in workshops events and festivals around the world.

New music and art collection is coming!!
minimalist photoelectronic lofi music fun loops and free study recorded live textures,
melodies and atmospheres adventures composes from images to pure frequencies,
created in the virtual ANS synthesizer ,Hi Fi soundloops and generative art in the frames
digital poster made by psilosamples displays
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
welcome to psilosamples digital art galery
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This collection expresses a dialogue with sense of humor and references from electronic digital art
popular culture lofi fi tech nostalgia stories telling
is an invitation for the chaotic and fun world of animations
some raw material generated by AI Textures,collages,clippings and samples exploring the new possibilities
you can observe some details and notice that not everything is totally perfect or symmetrical.
coming from the TEZOS, the legendary ꜩXTZ,the eco-friendly blockchain, have a huge community of good artist around the globe
this is the series of ilustrative lofi glitch electronic music sound cards
artistic sounds created by an old computer,drum machine, keyboards, synth,and more
all NFTs, some sold out, others still avaliable and very cheap!
animations can be displayed in screen canvas panels!
collectors have a rare and exclusive digital posters
it also atention directly helps and supports the psilosamples journey living hard artistic life
check the marketplace trade yourself and collect whatever you want
keep it with care.

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